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Is it safe for tourists to travel to Los Cabos, Mexico?

1 year ago · 2 MIN READ

Welcome to Los Cabos, and yes, it is safe to travel to Los Cabos, we can even say it is safe to travel to all Mexico with some exceptions.

But lets return and talk about Los Cabos, we have this natural isolation from the rest of the country, however since we are part of Mexico we were included on some warnings, so here are some recommendations released by authorities and other private entities we would like to discuss deeper:

  1. Stay on or around your resort's property. Not really, there are wonderful spots and dining options to visit, it is true you suppose you be safe in there, but you will miss most of this wonderful destination. Simply stay within the touristy areas.
  2. Stick to touristy areas. Yes, as mentioned on previous feedback, this is the right way to be at Cabo and any other destinations world wide. These areas are the most guarded and most beautiful!
  3. Order taxis from your hotel. Not exactly, these taxis are overpriced and there are other options out there, just do not pick any unit or accept rides from unknown people, book your airport rides with Us, and give us a call for your local transfers. If you prefer a Taxi, yes the taxis site at the hotel is better, but it will be really expensive.
  4. Don't travel too far away from the resort strip. That depend on the destination, in Cabo the corridor has most of the resorts, but the fun is not there, you have to go to Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo for more options.
  5. Don't show off cash in front of others. Yes, you should stay low profile and do not show up your dollars or call for unnecessary attention, there is no need, we suggest you do not carry too much cash with you, only what you are going to need.
  6. Keep personal belongings locked in a safe in your hotel. Yes, this rule is good for anyone and anywhere, you never know, missing items happen even at the best resorts at the best destinations, and your peace of mind is worth it.
  7. Travel in groups, especially women. This one is really important, no matter the destination you go, try not to travel alone, specially for women, and please keep your drinks at sight and never accept beverages from strangers, Cabo may not be the exception of unwanted drink drugs, let's not take that risk.

Cabo is a wonderful place, and maybe one of the safest beach destinations in México, enjoy it, get out of your resort and enjoy these wonders only Los Cabos offers, book some tours and ask for advise about the best restaurants to visit, Mexican food is as safe as other types of food, if you eat at the right place, eat spicy! why not crying a little, find our local craft beer, eat Tacos!.

We hope you have a wonderful stay in Los Cabos.

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Mario Moreno

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